【LDCS 2023】Unlock Customer Value within China Data Privacy Laws


Summit Introduction

With the changing global market environment and consumer mindset, annual reports and financial statements published by luxury brands and groups reflect the gradual slowing of the industry's growth rate. Facing the industry fluctuations, luxury brand owners should increase their risk resilience to prepare for broader revolution in fierce market competition.

Various topics will attract the attention of the luxury industry, such as how to insight market trends by utilizing digitalization better, precisely targeting consumer segment, communicate brand tonality, achieving breakthrough and revolution and so on.

Based on such background, Luxury Digital Commerce Summit (LDCS) will be organized in Shanghai on Nov 29th, 2023.

Through awarding, case presentation, panel discussion, booth visiting, coffee break and other interactive sessions, you could in-depth discuss a range of hot trends and topics on LDCS purposefully, including digital transformation, luxury digital marketing, brand culture building, user asset management or growth strategies, applications and practices digital marketing, AIGC, retail technology innovation, online and offline channel revolution, improving user experience and so on.


Speaker's Profile

For the past 20 years Sheilen has specialized helping some of the world's most iconic brands succeed in the digital world. Sheilen moved to New York in the mid 90's, helping brands such as Ralph Lauren, BMW and Revlon establish brand presence in the digital space; win customers and drive engagement & loyalty.

In late 2009, Sheilen landed in Beijing and became fascinated with China; the pace, the technology and the people. He joined the Ogilvy Hong Kong family in late 2011, becoming Managing Director of OgilvyOne Hong Kong in 2013, leading & growing the team to be market leaders in digital and customer engagement and working hand-in-hand with clients such as Louis Vuitton, American Express, Shangri-La, Ralph Lauren and BlackRock.

In 2017, Sheilen moved to Shanghai to lead the Ogilvy Experience capability in China. While there he led a team of 40 strategists; data, commerce and loyalty professionals support numerous multi-national brands successfully navigate the complexities of the China eco-system.

For the past year Sheilen has held the role of Chief Growth Officer of Ogilvy Asia, leading teams of talented individuals across Greater China and the region, as they help companies grow their business and brands using digital and data in the new platform-driven world.


Part of Topics of the Summit

Targeting New Trend, Inheriting Classic Craftmanship Through the Power of Digiatalization

Digital Brand Salience Building for Luxury in Omni-Channel Era

Technological innovation drives new growth in the luxury industry

Navigating Winds of Trends, Advancing Growth of Progress, Insights to Discover the Code for Future

Decode the Winning Paradigms of Digital Marketing for Luxury Brands

Challenges and Opportunities Faced by Luxury Brands in the Digital Ecosystem of the Chinese Market

The Future of Luxury Digitalization, Consumerism & Competitiveness!

How Gucci Stands Out of the Fashion Week Scenario on Weibo

Unlocking Customer Value within the China Data Privacy Laws

Reconstruct the luxe universe to its extremes

AIGC Generation of Marketing

How can the Luxury Industry Adapt to the Market Recovery in the Post-pandemic Era


LDCS Awards

LDCS Awards is initiated by iDigital China and authoritative representatives of luxury and digital marketing industries, and is held annually with the LDCS. As an innovative marketing and digitalization awards that is specialized in the luxury industry, LDCS Awards dedicates to finding innovative, foresighted and outstanding cases, technologies and solutions, and recognizing representative enterprises and individuals in the industry.

LDCS Awards includes three categories: Enterprises (company and platform), Cases and Individuals.


Jerry HE / 136 1182 5045 / jerry.he@idigital-china.com (参会/赞助)

Cynthia CAO / 138 1604 5371 / cynthia@idigital-china.com(演讲/媒体)


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